3 Spring Training Tips on Selling Your House

I love this time of the year.  Major League Baseball’s spring training is starting this month with all the optimism of a strong season.  During Spring Training, everything is possible and the future is bright.    All past seasons get put on the shelf as the team prepares for the lengthy schedule ahead. As a baseball fan, there is no better time (except a World Series appearance!).

Real estate professionals, like myself, are working with sellers on their own spring training, one that will get them ready to sell their house.    For home sellers, you can learn some valuable tips from baseball’s approach to spring training.

1.  Fundamentals.   With baseball, you have to have the fundamentals down in order to succeed.  If you do not know how to field a baseball, or hit a curve ball, you won’t get far in the sport.   Selling a house has the same basic necessity.   There are certain fundamentals you have to follow to sell your house.   You need to make the house presentable.  Clutter in the house distracts buyers from the home itself.  You should make sure the paint looks fresh and the floors look clean.   Finally, it should come as no surprise, but staging a house to sell actually works.   Buyers want to see the house as their own and not the one you currently live in.

2.  Offensive Strategy.   In baseball, managers have to sit down to determine how they will approach playing the game during the season.  Does the manager want to focus on power and have his players swing away when the count is full?   Or, is it better to take the pitch to get the man on base?   How aggressive a manager is in games is determined by a number of factors.   You have to do the same type of thinking when pricing a home to sell.   Do you want to make the most profit, or do you want to sell the home more quickly?    Along with your motivation to sell, the real estate professional will also help you see the many external factors, like comparative sales, community strengths and weaknesses, market performance overall,  that will assist you in your pricing decision.   Be forewarned, it is never a good strategy to ask too much for your house so it is very important to work with your real estate professional to price your house correctly.

3.  Communications.   Baseball teams develop their own language to communicate with each other during the season.  They do this through the use of signals and signs.  Catchers will use it to communicate with the pitcher. Third base coaches use it to communicate with the hitters.  Baseball is a team sport so having everyone on the same page with communication is a key to a successful season.   When you work with a real estate professional, you are part of a team that must also determine how communication will take place while the house is on the market.  For example, I always respond to my clients immediately with phone calls and texts.  With social media and emails, I try to answer within four hours.  I will also check in with the sellers regularly to give them a status updates.  I always make sure my clients realize that they need to be responsive in the same way.   If your real estate professional does not go over the communication plan with you, make a point to do it for them.    In this day and age, you should not have to be left hanging, like a bad curve ball,  when it comes to selling your house.

I hope these three spring training tips help you when it comes to selling your house this summer.   Remember, the start of a new season is ahead and anything is possible.  Go Rangers!