Are you a Private Money Lender?

Recently, I praised Bigger Pockets as the source for all things Real Estate investing.   Over the weekend, I read the The Definitive Guide to Finding Private Money Lenders in Your Network.   Here is the best quote in the article.

If you can’t think of any of these people, then you are committing the cardinal sin of a real estate investor.  You are not talking to enough people about what you do.  Don’t look at it as bragging, it’s good conversation.  What we do as investors is interesting.

People want to talk about it, either because they are scared of it or because it excites them.  Either way, it will plant seeds for many different angles.  You will turn over potential leads on properties, realtors and contractors. Most importantly, this will help you turn over potential private money partners.

With this in mind, one of my goals in becoming a real estate agent was to start investing in it.  I see it as the perfect retirement package for my wife and me.   Property management is also on the horizon.

I have already begun to work with investors as one signed on as a client this last week.   I would love to have more.  If you are interested, let me know by filling out the contact form below and answer the question, “Are you a private money lender?”