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Top Three Reasons Why You Should Participate in Adam’s Flip Worth Program

  1.  Discount MLS listings on the sale side.  If you use me to purchase the property, I will give you a discount to list in the MLS up to 33% off off standard industry commission rates.  I can do this because of the volume investors bring me on their flips.
  2. Investors are already using the program.  I work with several investors on a regular basis and have some take advantage of this program.   One investor told me he trusts me more than a wholesaler or FSBO because I have a better sense of rehab costs and realize investors are in the business to make money.
  3. Integrity is more than a name for me.  I joined Jon Baker at his firm because I knew he was a honest and christian man, who lived his faith daily.  I wanted to be around people like me.   There is so much shady business and shams in our industry.   I deal most entirely in MLS properties, taking advantage of the system set up to help eliminate fraud and deceptive practices.   With the off market properties, I do due diligence on the property before I ever send them the information.   My clients feel safer using my program.

What you need to do to get started in my program?*

  1.  Sign up using the form below.  I’ll add you to my list of flippers who receive my daily and weekly emails concerning deals I have found that could be possible flips.
  2. Once you find a property you are interested in pursuing, let me know and I will send you some comps.  If the comps look good to you, we can schedule a time that works with both our schedules to go see the property.
  3. We explore the property together, maybe with your contractor, and see what rehab needs to be done.  Most of my flippers will then take the information home to figure out their offer price.  They will base the price on the rehab costs and the competition for the property.
  4. We put in an offer.  I advise my clients on making their offers as appealing as possible to the seller.  I work with each client’s own comfort levels in making their offers and give them frank advice and expectations on their chances of getting the property based on the offer.  I also help with the negotiation if the seller decides to work with the buyer’s offer.
  5. Once a contract is executed, I work with the investor to schedule any inspections of the property.   A repair amendment is drafted and sent over to the seller for their consideration.
  6. We close on the property. Rehab takes place.  If you need help with finding a contractor, I know a few!
  7. We list the property back on the MLS at a discount (up to 33% off standard industry commission rates).

*Please note that these steps are the typical ones when financing a deal.  If you are offering cash, or go without an option period, it can change up pretty dramatically.   Just ask me how.

Please fill out the form below to get added to my flip worth email list.  Please only contact me if you are serious about working with me as your realtor and are dedicated to the idea of making money together.  I reserve the right to remove you from the daily or weekly emails after three months if we have not done any business together.   Thanks for your understanding.

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