Real Estate Numbers You Need to Know – March 2015 (Fort Worth TX)

Whether you are selling, buying or investing in real estate, there are some numbers that are good to know when it comes to your target area.  I will try to capture some of these numbers for Fort Worth Tx on a monthly basis.  As many people who read my blog know, I focus on the North Fort Worth Tx and Alliance Corridor, which stretches up to the southern parts of Denton County.   I am a local expert in Fort Worth Tx having lived here for the last ten years and grew up in nearby Arlington. 

The numbers I will present in these monthly infographics about Fort Worth is broken up by Zip Code.   It should be known that when it comes to individual property, it is best to break them down even further to the individual community as these numbers will change, sometimes block by block.  However, Zip Code should guide you on whether the area as a whole fits your target profile.   

The numbers I will present monthly on Fort Worth Tx include the following:

1.  Average Sales Price.   This is a very general number but should give you a good indication if communities within this zip code fall within your budget.   

2.  Appreciation.   How much more will my house price rise or fall in the next year?  Of course, with this number, past performance is no guarantee that the price appreciation will stay steady, but it does give you a good idea.   

3.  Days on Market.   How many days will it take to sell the property?   Once again, in this tight selling market, it could be that the property sells much quicker than the average days on market, but at least you have an idea going in.  

I would love to chat with anyone about their real estate needs in Fort Worth. 

Fort Worth Tx Real Estate Numbers

Photo courtesy of Adam Wright, March 2015