Six Awesome Services NextHome Provides to Help You with Your Real Estate Needs

Note:  I am proud to announce that my broker brought a NextHome Franchise.  If you are not familiar with this company, I am not surprised.  We are the first office in the Fort Worth area for this franchise, the fastest growing real estate franchise in the country right now.   As an agent of the company, I will continue to bring you the same great service I have done for the last four years and with the tools NextHome has to offer, it will be a even better experience!   If you want to chat about how I can help you find your next home through NextHome Integrity Group, please contact me!  Let’s chat!  

NextHome Integrity Group is the newest real estate office of the NextHome Franchise.  Located in North Fort Worth in the Alliance corridor, it is ready to take the real estate world by storm with cutting edge customer service using the latest technologies to make give customers the best experience possible when buying a home, selling a home or investing in real estate.   

What makes NextHome Integrity Group so much better than other real estate offices in the area?   First and foremost, Jon Baker is the owner/broker of this office.  He brings 15 years of experience of helping more than 900 buyers and sellers with their real estate needs.  His integrity is bar none and there is no one in the business who can show you the true meaning of the word (integrity) than Mr Baker.  His robust ethics is also reflected in any agent that works for him.  He holds his agents to the highest standards and ethics in the entire DFW area.   He also has a unique gift to uplift his agents to do what they must do to succeed.  He spends one-on-one time with each one to ensure their success.   

NextHome itself has some some awesome services that make the overall home buying and/or home selling experience a more pleasant one with less stress and more streamline efficiency you will not see with other real estate franchises.  Here are the top six awesome services.     

1. MobileConnect – Let’s admit.  We love our phones and use them for everything.   Wouldn’t it be nice to have a functional, nice looking mobile app to help you get your next home? With over 60 percent of home searches now done on the mobile phone, we tend to agree.  Our mobile app is superb in its ability to search and browse properties, mark favorites and communicate directly with your realtor one on one using the app.  Your agent can even schedule showings via the app so we can get to homes to fit your schedule.  It doesn’t even take much to get the app.  All of our signs have the ability to scan in a code to download the app while standing in front of our top quality signs.   

2. Cutting Edge Open Houses – What do you need more than anything else to sell your home?   You need buyers!  One way to get buyers into your home is to hold an open house.   With many realtors, open houses are second thoughts and they will use it more to get more buyer clients than actually sell your house (trade secret there!).   Here at NextHome, we work to get buyers in the homes who want to buy it!   We are the only real estate brokerage that syndicates our open houses to national websites with time and locations.   Our automated system will work on the seller’s behalf to register buyers, communicate with them after the visit so we have a better chance to locate buyers who are more likely to put an offer on your home.   It even generates reports for you so you see how effective we are being with our open houses.  How cool is that?   

3.  Paperless Transactions – If you haven’t bought or sold a home before (or it has been awhile since you did), the paperless revolution has hit the real industry like no other.  NextHome Integrity Group is no different.  We use a framework that will track all the important contracts that need to be completed and signed.  It will then send out emails to clients so they can sign their forms electronically from virtually any phone, tablet or computer.  It is all secure and transparent with an oversight of the entire process by Jon, when he needs to check on something.  In this way, you are not only working with your trusted agent to put the proper paperwork together but you have Jon there to make sure it is done correctly.   

4. Great Integrated Systems – If you are selling your house, agents spend a lot of time making sure your listings shine.  With buyers, agents will work at getting the right information in front of their clients so they can make the best choice for themselves on their next home.   Many agents will have to use various systems to build marketing material or buyer presentations, learning each one, skipping between many different systems to get done what is needed.  NextHome has integrated all of this with a proprietary system that saves the agents hours of work and time so they can focus more on helping you with your real estate needs.  For example, we can put in a listing in our system and marketing material of different sorts is automatically generated for us.   If you need a report for a buyer, no problem.   NextHome has easily customized reports that can be generated in minutes versus hours of original work.   You will no longer be ignored by your agent because they are too busy.  They will be there for you because NextHome allows them the time to do so.  

5. Digitally Update Everything (After the sell) – For those who have ever moved, you know the amount of effort and time it takes to update everything with your new address.  You have to notify the utility companies to turn off our services and then turn them back on with the new home.  The post office needs to be told to forward mail.   New services need to be turned on at the new house and you always have to find moving companies.  Would it not be great if a real estate company did all this for you?   Now you have one!  We provide this service to you at no additional charge.  You will gain hours back.  

6.  Luke, Our Mascot and our awesome signs! – We have a wonderful cool mascot named Luke, a french bulldog that puts all the other mascots to shame.   How cool would it be to have Luke guarding your sign in your front yard?  Check out the photos below.  

Luke is ready to help you with your Real Estate Needs!

Luke is ready to help you with your Real Estate Needs!. Photo courtesy of NextHome, Inc

Jon Baker showing off our signs!

Jon Baker showing off our signs!.