Three Awesome Tricks to Get More Showings When Selling Your Home

Note:  This is the first post of the new series of posts dealing with the ABCs of Buying, Selling and Investing in Real Estate.   In this series, we will revisit the characters from the first 26 posts to see how the characters stories are progressing.  Of course, each character will be back with another new question to ask (in a fictional way) so I can give my very real advice.  The story is fiction, but the advice is very real(ty).  

This post continues the story from the post,  Three Awesome Asks When Interviewing Listing Agents.  

Jody had come to me to seek advice on questions to ask real estate agents when interviewing them to sell her home.   After a series of interviews, I was flattered that she decided to pick me as her listing agent.   Jody had thought about selling the home herself so she had done quite a bit of research on what needed to be done when selling your home.   One of her first questions for me after we had signed the listing agreement was what were some tricks she could do to people to come see her home.  What were some ways we could make her property shine beyond all the other homes for sale on the market?   She had read some interesting ideas but none of them seems like the right move to get attention for her home.   She hoped to get a line of people waiting outside her door eager to get inside her home to see it for themselves.  She was also hoping for a multi-offer situation where buyers will be competing with each other to get the home.    She had read that in some cases people went way over asking in a desperate move to acquire the property.  

Here is what I told Jody….

I first thanked her again for trusting me and my firm with selling her home.    I then told her that selling a home really does not need awesome tricks to get it sold if you follow three basic ideas.   You have to have good flooring in the home.  You have to have a fresh coat of paint.  Finally (the most important), you have to price it correctly.   How do you know if you priced your home correctly?   I believe if you do not get any showings the first week, or any offers in two weeks, you have priced your home too high and the market has rejected your home.   If you do these three things correctly, however, you position your home in the market to get noticed and bought by an eager buyer.   No guarantees, of course, but following these pieces of advice will put you in a much stronger position to sell you home.   In addition to these three simple things, there are some awesome tricks you can pull to bring more buyers to your doorstep.   For example, you can hire a stager that will make sure your home’s furniture and knick knacks are arranged in the best light.  If your home is vacant, they can even bring furniture for you to show to buyers how the home could look.   Staging a home, with either a professional or yourself, can sell a home much more quickly, according to this infographic.   Here are three other awesome tricks you can pull to get more showings.  

  1. Hire a Photographer –    Most people begin their house hunting online before ever even calling a real estate agent.    Pictures, then, are an essential part of selling a house today.  The first trick seems obvious but it is simply not utilized by many homeowners, or listing agents,  today because of the expense.   However, for the amount of attention good pictures can bring a home, and bring buyers in to see the home, the $100 to $200 is well worth the investment.   Real estate photographers have the uncanny sense of presence and depth that many people do not consider when taking photos for their listings.   In order to truly capture the way a property appears, you have to have this advance knowledge and the right equipment.  Wide angle lenses are widely used by real estate photographers and these lenses can cost hundred of dollars.   This is not an investment most listing agents are willing to make to sell a home so why not push the listing agents to use a professional, who posses all the required equipment and has the training to get the right photos online for your listing.   

  2. Video Tour of the Property – As everyone knows, video has taken off with the advent of the internet over the last two decades.   What once was a novelty reserved only for the most dedicated users is now as easy as yanking out your smartphone to capture the moment forever.   Selling your house is no different.  If you truly want online users to get a sense of how your home looks, you could do, or get your listing agent to do,  a video tour.   You can even do 3D tours today from companies such as Matterport.   Please make sure to have your home in tip-top condition (something it should be anyway when selling your home) before getting the video tour produced.   No user will be attracted to a home that shows people actually live there.  You have to give the illusion that they are looking at their future home so clutter and personal items, like photos on the walls, will make it difficult for buyers to visualize the home as any other than the place you live.   

  3. Use Drones to do an Aerial Shot – The latest idea for listings is to give users an aerial shot of your home.   Here is an example of one done.  Although this one is a bit long for the internet user’s attention span, it does an adequate job of showing how such a video should be done.         

Be aware that if you decide to do this for yourself, there are federal government requirements that have to be followed, including registering your drones with the FAA.  If the drone is small enough, it is not required, but be sure to check out the requirements before launching your drone.   

Jody was happy with my tricks.  She wanted to be sure to put the best overall picture of her listing online so she would be seeking out a professional photographer to hire.  She wasn’t sure about the 3D tour, but liked the idea of getting a tour online for buyers, even if she had to do one herself.  She promised to get her house in shape before doing the tour.   Finally, even though she thought the drone idea was a bit overkill, she would keep it in the back of her mind if the house didn’t sell right away.