Three Preparations to Take When Selling Your Home

You have a contract in place to work with a real estate professional to sell your house at the market rate that is acceptable to you.   Now what? 

Now it is time to get your home ready to sell.   Here are three things to keep in mind as you prepare to list your home. 

Selling Your Home - Cost versus Value

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Improvements Cost versus Value – What improvements need to be made before selling your home?  It is important to realize with most improvements, you won’t get back what you put into it (despite what they say on HGTV).   One repair that does bring back your entire investment is your roof.  It needs to be under 15 years of age and have no defects.  Along with this, a good first impression with potential buyers is very important so what they see as they drive up is as important as what you do inside your home.   Spend some time making improvements to the exterior of your house.  Doors and Windows are also important improvements to make to your home.  Cost versus value here is usually 90 percent or more.  What about the interior?  First, you need to paint and ensure your floors are top notch, because nothing says more to a buyer than a well painted interior with matching well-maintained floors.   Kitchen and bathrooms also need to be in good shape, but a full rehab is not necessary as you won’t get your full investment back in the listing price.   

Selling Your home - clean

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Clean and Clutter Free – Presentation is everything when selling your home.   Buyers want to be able to visualize the house as their own and you need to do your best to show them how wonderful their new home will be.    Some simple things you can do is:  to take down personal items off the wall; eliminate unnecessary clutter around the house; and illuminate the house appropriately with no rooms too bright or dark. .   Finally, keep the house clean and smelling good.   No buyer likes to see messes or smell them in a house they considering.

Sell Your Home - Staging

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Staging – No doubt staging a house sells it quicker.   Some studies have shown that staging homes sells it 90 percent more quickly.   With certain sellers, they have the mans to hire a professional stager, which will run your between $2000 to $4000, depending on what you have them do.   However, if you can’t afford a professional, there are some basic steps you can take to make your home look better.  First, you need to take advantage of the space in each room.  Do not crowd too much furniture into any room in the house.  You want the rooms to look as large as possible.   Be cognizant of the arrangement of your furniture.  For example, make sure the television is positioned so the buyers can see how they will watch television in the room.   In other words, don’t make the buyers work harder to visualize how the home will become their own.   Arrange the furniture in a way that makes sense to the layout and size of the room.   Take  a trip to Hobby Lobby or At Home store to buy some cheap artwork to hang in each room.  Please make sure it matches the rest of the décor.   In summary, hire a professional if you can, but if you can’t, take some time to look at each room and look at it through the eyes of a buyer.