Three Real Estate Numbers to Know – April 2015

As always, here are the three monthly numbers you need to know about for real estate in the Dallas Fort Worth area.   Specifically, I focus these numbers on the Alliance Corridor and north Fort Worth areas.   Although, these areas have their own unique real estate markets, you can get a good grasp on the current state of real estate in Dallas Fort Worth area.    Here is the map of the coverage area.   I focus my real estate efforts on helping clients buy and sell real estate in these areas, but I work wherever my clients need me.   

Adam's Coverage Area in Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate

Photo courtesy of Adam Wright

March Inventory of Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in an area is a clear indication of the health of a market.   As you can tell from the graph below, the Alliance corridor/north Fort Worth area has seen a significant decrease in the number of homes for sale.   

March Median Sales Price 

Appreciation of homes is another indication of health of a market.  Most markets will see a gradual increase in home prices.  However, in today’s market, we are seeing a steady increase in real estate in Dallas Fort Worth area.   Just be aware that this can turn very quickly. 

March Median Days on the Market

Here is an indication of how quickly homes are selling in the target area.   In my experience, homes are selling much quicker than the median number displayed below.   With inventory so low, buyers are lining up to see homes and many of the listings are going into a multi-offer situation.   

Finally, here is Keller Williams highlight of the Market around the country for April 2015.   

As you can tell by these numbers, it is still a seller’s market.  Now is the time to sell your home.   If you are thinking about it, let’s chat!