Three Ways All Listing Agents Will Tell You to Get Your House Noticed Immediately

When it comes to getting your house sold, you will read a lot of advice from experts, and get some more from friends and family. When it comes down to sitting down with your listing agent, you will hear even more ideas on how to get your home sold fast.

Guess which advice I advise you to follow?

If you thought your listing agent, you get the brilliant idea of the day award. Now, don’t get me wrong, you always need to note items you learn from reading articles and listening to Uncle Bob on his terrible experience selling his home. However, you should ask your listing agent about those lessons learned to see if they hold true in the current market. It might seem obvious, but you are paying your listing agent to have all the answers. If they don’t, then you might want to interview a few more agents before signing a listing agreement.

In other words, you need to challenge agents for their credibility and knowledge about the process of selling your home. I had a referral once when the seller asked me a series of questions, which I believe I answered very well. He called me a few days later and asked me one additional one, which I could not answer for him. I realized, then, I was probably not the best agent to take on his listing. I confessed this to him and offered to find him a referral if he needed. We parted ways amenable.

For the most part, listing agents know the current market and are well versed in what works to get your home sold. Once you have selected a listing agent, it is always a good idea to listen their advice and ask additional questions. You should always push the listing agent with your own thoughts, but at the end of the day, you need to step out of their way and let them do what you are paying them to do: sell your home.

Here are three ways you can get your house noticed immediately as advised by listings agents everywhere. All three ways are interrelated and have to be done in tandem to get your house noticed quickly.

  1. Price the home correctly – There is nothing more directly related to getting your house noticed quickly than pricing it correctly. Ninety percent of buyers start their search for a home online. They will do a search for homes in their price range. If you live in a neighborhood with a price range of $200k to $210K and you price it in this range, you will show up in the search results. If you overprice it, you will not appear. Sound simple? It is, but many sellers fail to understand this basic tenet of selling their home. Whatever temptations you are feeling to price your home high, don’t do it. How do you make sure you price it correctly? Data will show you. Your listing agent will show you some sales comparable properties from neighborhood. These comparable homes will be similar to yours in square footage, specifications (aka number of bedrooms) and condition. You should trust the comparable prices shown by your listing agent. If the data says to price your home at a particular price, just do it. Your opinion on price does not matter. The market determines the price your home.
  2. Stage the home correctly – The next way to get your home noticed by buyers is to present it nicely for them. The sale of a house is like selling anything else. Presentation matters. By staging the home, you are making it very easy for buyers to see the beauty of your home. If something is beautiful, people will be more likely to want to buy it. Do you need hire a professional stager to make your home look its best? If you have the budget for it, you can’t beat a professional coming into your home and objectively making it look its best. However, your listing agent should be able to give you some pointers on how to make your house look good for buyers. The trick is to make sure each room clearly defines its function with space allocated correctly. If you have the resources, put in new flooring and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. You should put away all personal mementos. Finally, clean out any clutter and hire a maid service. If you do all of this, you have essentially done what a professional stager would do for you.
  3. Take fantastic online photos – The last part of this three way puzzle is great online pictures. You have priced your home correctly so buyers will find it online. You have staged it so buyers will get to see the home at is best. Now, you have to get some great photos for the great presentation of your house. Great staging means photos will be difficult to mess up. Professional photographers will use appropriate techniques to make sure each room is framed correctly to show its best light and angle. Some photos use wide angle lens to make the rooms look bigger which does add some class to pictures. If you have done the staging correctly, you don’t necessarily need this trick to make the house look good. You can ask any agent if pictures matter to the sell of a house and most will say it does make a huge difference. You should make sure to hire a top photographer to give your house the best chance of getting noticed right away.

In summary, there are a lot of steps and actions you can take to get your house sold. You will hear advice from friends and family and read pointers online. In the end, there are three ways to get your listing noticed quickly which will help with a quick sale. You need to price the home correctly so buyers will find the home online. You should stage it so the house looks its best. Finally, you should be sure to pay for top photos so buyers see your great staging online.