Top Sites to Analyze Home Repair Pros When Buying a House

There is no better feeling than finding the home of your dreams.   Most buyers will spend a lot of time looking at homes trying to find the right one for themselves, their families and their pets.   When you find the right one, you will know it in your gut, along with it marking off several things of your “want” list.

After you get your offer accepted on your home, the next logical step is to have a home inspection done.  This step requires a licensed professional to go out to the home to look it over for any defects.  Yes.  Your dream home will not be perfect.  All homes have something wrong with it and it can be hard to accept for the home you have worked so hard to find.

Despite the feelings of dread that comes with an inspection, it is required to ensure your investment in your new home is a sound one.  You can require the seller fix any and all repairs found in the inspection.  However, there is often one additional step you will need to take before sending over that repair list to the seller.   Inspectors just point out might need to be fixed.  You will need to bring in some home repair pros to tell you the extent of the repairs and how much the repairs might cost.

If you want to state your case well to the seller, you will need to let these home repair pros come out to examine the possible repairs.  Sellers will have little to argue if you present them with an authoritative voice on the repair and its cost.   Sellers will still push back in most cases and offer their own interpretation of the repairs, but at lease you can go into the negotiations with some solid data to back up your repair requests.  Where do you find these home repair pros?   Your realtor might have some contacts, or friends or family could know of someone in the home repair business.

If you are stuck after asking around, there are many on the web today to help you locate home repair pros (and even check reviews of the ones recommended).   We have found the best ones for you to utilize.  Some of them are free while other charge.  Some of them will be straighforward and to the point while others more complex in their offerings.   One will even be beautiful in its presentation and embed you with awe over its elegance.  Without further ado, here are top four!

 Angie’s List

Home Repair Pros – Angie’s List

Angie’s List – I am sure all of us have seen the cheesy commercials on this service. Despite these less than stellar ads, Angie’s List remains one of the better sources for home pros.

They do a ton of prep work for you so you don’t have to do it yourself. Each home pro goes through a background check and they don’t allow bogus reviews by verifying the review’s authenticity. They offer a free plan as well as upgraded plans which add comes with support options where you can work with a Angie List staff to find the best home pro for you and your situation. The site covers a wide range of services and is available in most metro areas. Make sure to leave a review if you use the site as many of the home pros rely on these reviews to get them business.

Home Adviser

Home Pros – Home Adviser

Home Adviser – This site is very similar to Angie’s List. It screens all of its pros for licenses and any outstanding court cases against them. It does the usual background check and identity verification.

One very neat aspect of this site is the true cost guide. Of course, every project will be different in terms of work and thus price, but this tool does a really nice job of giving you a good solid estimate on how much to expect to pay. If you get something different from a home pro, be sure to ask for an explanation for the higher price. The resource center is also chock full of advice from home repair pros.


Home Repair Pros – Thumbtack

Thumbtack – Thumbtack is unique in that it does local professionals beyond home repair pros. You can also search for local professionals for your wedding, events, wellness and even your education. To find a home repair pro, you click on the Home icon. Do a search on the pro you need and you are presented with a laundry list of pros.

Each profile comes with reviews and how many times the pro has been hired. You can message the pro, hire them or request a quote. Most pros will return messages and quotes within 24 hours. As with Home Advisor, you don’t have to pay the site anything. The home repair pros pay to be listed and even give up a commission to Thumbtack for using the site for specific jobs. Each professional designs their own profiles so be sure to look over them carefully as an one criteria for selecting the home pro. If they can’t put together a decent profile, do you really want to hire them.


Home Repair Pro – Houzz

Houzz – Houzz is different from the other sites on this list because it adds a level of elegance and sophistication to it site you don’t get with the other sources. You can consider Houzz to be the white collar version of the other websites (who come across as being more blue collar). The profiles themselves offer a rich presentation with a clean look that you don’t get from the other sites. Each profile includes some portfolios of previous projects and even a tab for questions asked by clients that are answered by the home pro. Houzz is also a great place to get ideas for interior design, which adds even more of a touch of class you don’t see on other home pro sites. You can even shop on the site in a wide variety of departments. If you believe this author is enamored with this site, you would not be wrong!