What Improvements Should I Make to My Home? – Cost Versus Value

As we move into the busy housing season, I have had some questions from clients concerning what improvements need to be made to their homes in order to get the property ready to sell.   I usually start with curb appeal.  You need to make a good first impression with potential buyers so what they see as they drive up is as important as what you do inside your home.   Spend some time making improvements to the exterior of your house.  

I usually then refer them to the  report provided by Home Advisor.  This report goes over what Return on Investment you can expect to get with certain home improvements.    Going along with what I was saying about curb appeal, your roof needs to be under 15 years of age and have no defects.   If it does, many buyers will shy away from it because of the difficulty in getting home insurance.   Roof will generally increase your value at cost and maybe even more.    Doors and Windows are also important improvements to make to your home.  Cost versus value here is usually 90 percent or more.  

What about Kitchens?  I always tell clients that kitchens will often sell a house, but you might not get as much value out of a kitchen remodel as you would the other items I mentioned.   After all, most buyers are looking for specific things in their kitchens and you might get it wrong.   

Here are the top three for the Dallas Area.

Improvements - Cost versus Repair

Photo courtesy of Homeadvisor